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Know Your Beekeeper!

How do you know your honey is real if you don’t know your beekeeper?  Yes, we keep bees.  Not all honey producers do.  So where do they get the honey?  Import?  Outside of Texas?  What was the origin of that honey?  Is it pure?  All legitimate questions.  Question those that don’t appear on  RealTexasHoney.com

The STG in STG Farms stands for 'Sweet Texas Gold' - which is the registered Trademark of STG Farms.

We are a small family owned and run business focusing on all natural, chemical free production of 5 varieties of Peaches and Nectarines, and pure all natural honey from our own hives.  Be sure to check out the article on Raw vs. Processed Honey on the Articles page.

Our apiary is small allowing us to produce only the highest quality honey and bees wax products for local markets.  However, we will gladly sell to out-of-area customers while stock lasts.

Located in Sadler, Texas in Grayson county, we are members on the Texas Beekeepers Association since 2014.

Do you need bees removed?  We now offer that service on a limited basis.  All bees removed are saved and relocated - never killed!  Call us if you have a swarm you need captured!  Also here is a link to other bee removal folks in Texas:

We invite you to visit these sites we support:

       Texas Beekeepeers Association:    http://texasbeekeepers.org/
                Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab:    http://honeybeelab.tamu.edu/
                  Pesticide Action Network:    http://www.panna.org/
                        National Honey Board:    http://www.honey.com/

Visit our Facebook page:     https://www.facebook.com/stgfarms/

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